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Light Steel

Selling Low-priced Mild Steel We, PT. Bajana Muliatama is a distributor / supplier that sells low-cost mild steel. We provide mild steel which is a construction material that is widely used for various construction applications. This wood substitute material is familiar to the community. Mild steel has characteristics that are light and thin, besides that, this material is resistant to weatheriness and weather, but its strength is not inferior to conventional steelThe increasing demand for lightweight steel construction materials, various types of mild steel and components were created to meet the industrial market, including the truss, taso, spandek, bondek and other materials. To protect high-quality steel materials from corrosion, adequate coatings must be provided. Various methods for providing a protective coating to prevent corrosion of high quality steel have been developed. Buy low-cost steel now through our center for shipping throughout Indonesia for all your needs.
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