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Iron Elbow

Angled iron is an iron or elbow-shaped material or has a 90 degree angle. This elbow iron length is 6 meters. Usually, elbow iron can be used to make building frames, warehouse foundations, iron shelves, water towers, stair construction, and other iron constructions. This type of iron is widely used because its profile is strong and durable so it is suitable for long-term construction needs because it can last for years. Angled iron also has different widths and thicknesses so consumers can choose according to their needs. The size of the iron elbow varies from 2 cm, 3 cm, 4 cm and 5 cm. Currently the iron elbow is widely used as a housing canopy because of its sturdy and durable properties. Angled iron is very suitable for use in engineering structures and standard usage in general. But just like other iron, elbow iron also has limitations to hold the load so that the iron elbow is not suitable for use in iron constructions that are too heavy. Iron Elbow 50 x 50 has a real thickness of 2.50 mm. We sell iron elbows with competitive prices and quality.
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