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Paint is a type of substance that can be used to protect and beautify (protective & decorative) an object or surface by coating it using a pigmented or colorless layer (varnish). Paint can be used in almost all types of objects, including to produce artwork (by painters to make paintings), industrial coating (paint industrial coating), driver assistance (road marking paint), or protection (paint to prevent corrosion or damage by water )

In general, paint raw materials consist of 4 parts, namely:

- Binder: The main substance in paint that functions as an adhesive that will glue the paint layer to the media, the binder material also plays a role in building the characteristics of the coating of paint or coating.
- Solvent: This substance or commonly called solvent which serves to dissolve the main ingredients such as binders, fillers / pigments, and additives. Solvent material is also used as a material to thin the paint before it is applied to the goods.
- Pigment / filler: ie Substance filler which serves as the main component forming the paint layer and as a coloring material to create the color layer of the paint film. a good combination of types and composition of filler ingredients will create good paint cover properties.
- Additive: i.e. additional ingredients to make the paint easy to apply and the results as desired.

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