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Infinity CCTV DVR

Sell Infinity CCTV DVR

CCTV is one of the equipment in the security system. CCTV has several important components, one of which is a DVR. PT. Bajana Muliatama Selling Infinity CCTV DVR, is an electronic device that records video into digital format to DVD media, USB flash drives, SD memory cards, SSDs or mass storage devices, either local or other networks. Digital Video Recorder in the field of security is a high-quality CCTV video recording device continuously. PT. Bajana Muliatama sells Infinity CCTV DVRs, with the intelligence possessed by Infinity recording devices (DVRs), automatically sends notifications to smartphones when there are several events such as: video loss, video masking, intrusion detection, motion detection and so on.

CCTV DVR systems provide many functions including video searches based on event, time, date and camera. In some DVR security systems can also be accessed remotely by connecting to a LAN or internet network. 5in1 Infinity DVR is the right solution. Pentabrid technology makes the Infinity Infinity easy to pair with other brands of CCTV devices that use different technology protocols (CVBS, TVI, CVI, AHD, and IP). We sell Infinity CCTV DVR because we know the advantages presented by the brand, namely:
- High Quality Product
- Infinity products have been used in large industries
- Return Merchandise Authorization 2 x 24 Hours
- 3 Years Product Warranty
- First Class Lifetime support

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