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PT. Bajana Muliatama, the owner of CCTV Shops in Jakarta, offers you something that is priceless. CCTV Shops in Jakarta Support Electronic Security & Surveillance Systems giving you the best in the industry. We offer your products to support homes, offices, factories, shops etc. which are actually the things most needed in the future. We provide CCTV cameras, CCTV DVRs, and many other security systems at very reasonable prices. PT. Bajana Muliatama is one of the CCTV Shops in Jakarta, one of the leading CCTV suppliers in Jakarta, offering the best and most cost-effective CCTV solutions for business or home users. Made in Jakarta for more than 5 years, we are proud of our professionalism, approachability, and ability to supply high quality goods at high prices.

History of CCTV
The CCTV method was first installed by Siemens AG at Test Stand VII in Peenemünde, Nazi Germany in 1942, to see equipped V-2 rockets. German engineers see Walter Bruch as responsible for technology design and installation methods. In the US, the commercial circuit system was first available in 1949, called Vericon. Very little is known by Verikon about being allowed other than not being allowed by the government. Most system video surveillance methods involve constant monitoring other than nothing is approved and the system is approved. The development of reel-to-reel media has enabled surveillance recording. This method uses a magnetic tape system to be converted into manuals, which is a time-consuming, expensive and unworkable workmanship, with a reliable operator manually installing the tape from allowing the tape installed to renew the opening. The cause of this deficiency, video surveillance is not widespread. VCR technology became available in the 1970s, replacing it further to install and update, and video surveillance information became more prevalent.

Complete CCTV Shop in Jakarta
CCTV (also known as closed circuit television), is an integral part of your home or workplace in this day and age who are increasingly aware of this security. If your property is damaged or becomes the target of vandalism, these valuable and affordable security measures can provide important information to the police who can reach the prosecution and even recover the stolen property and provide the same importance. Do you need a simple CCTV camera system 1 to protect your home or an entire network of multi-camera CCTV for your business, it is important to make sure you find a supplier to meet all your needs and provide the best solution. The team here at PT. Bajana Muliatama is always available to provide friendly advice and support our unparalleled level of customer service. We have a complete CCTV Shop in Jakarta.

CCTV Stores In Jakarta Guaranteed
Public surveillance uses CCTV, which is prevalent in many places throughout the world. In the last few years, it is an updated security method to ask someone.
In industrial plants, CCTV equipment can be applied to view components of work from the central control room, such as when the environment is not suitable for humans. CCTV methods can be done continuously or can be used for certain events. Using more sophisticated CCTV, using computerized video recorders (DVRs), providing recordings over the years, with various quality and performance alternatives and additional features (such as motion detection and using e-mail). Recently, decentralized IP cameras, perhaps equipped with megapixel sensors, encourage immediate recording to network-attached storage devices, or internal flash for stand-alone operation. For that reason, our CCTV shop in Jakarta provides guarantees for our CCTV products.

So if you are looking for CCTV shops in Jakarta, we PT. Bajana Muliatama sells various types and models of CCTV that you need. For information consisting of prices, specifications and details of CCTV products that we sell at our store in Jakarta.



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